My Drones and Equipment

If you’re interested in the drones that I own and some of the equipment that I’ve used check it all out below.

Being an FAA commercial Drone Pilot I took the test a few years ago and to help me out with studying for that I used It helped me to pass the test easily and prepared me well for all the subjects that were on it.

I use a DJI Mavic Air primarily for drone photography. It’s a reasonably priced drone made by DJI and is known for their very robust control system. It keeps video extremely stabile and is very reliable. It also folds up into a compact form factor.

To go along with the Mavic Air, I use a carry case for it that also lets me protect it and carry the batteries and charger.

Also when the drone is flying it sounds much like a swarm of bees, so to keep it a little quieter I use a special set of propellers. They’re called Master Airscrew propellers and they take just a little bit of the swarm noise away from the aircraft.

Here’s a picture of my drone and the iPad mini that I use to fly it attached to the remote.

Here’s a picture of it when I used it to live stream on the internet for a friends wedding. I didn’t fly it inside, but used it to stream to facebook.

Here’s a couple pictures of what I see on my screen while flying. The hashmarks are just warning me that those areas are washed out a bit and overexposed for the camera. They give me a visual reminder that I need to fix the exposure.