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Additional Thoughts About HLS Streaming

Another HLS streaming tutorial from NGINX.

It seems that in these days of social distancing, many people want to find ways of streaming all sorts of RTMP feeds to all sorts of places.

The company F5 who makes NGINX has put out a video tutorial showing some examples of using NGINX to convert RTMP input into HLS and DASH video that can be played. F5 has a tutorial for the open source version of NGINX and the commercial version called NGINX Plus.

I’m mainly interested in the open source one right now, but they’ve said they can offer a one year Plus license for free right now to people in a few non-profit groups. That’s neat and I’ll look into that further later.

The post from NGINX and the video tutorials to learn a little more about HLS and DASH streaming is seen at:

I’ve tried this and I’m doing something wrong in it. I think I made a mistake somewhere, Nginx won’t run after modifying the .conf file. There might be an issue with how the video portrays creating a working directory and then the written tutorial does. When I tried to remedy that, I sort of lost where each portion of the Nginx program was located.

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